Article published on Thursday, July 16, 2009


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Health Facilities Federal Credit Union "Saves a Tree" and gives back to the City of Florence with the planting of 155 Trees.

Trees are a gift of the ages; they go on to make a contribution for generations to come.  Health Facilities Federal Credit Union is very proud of our "Don't Just Save a Tree, Plant One" Campaign.

What started out as a vision of Marketing Manager, Michelle Bailey, has turned into a reality.  In spring of 2009, Health Facilities Federal Credit Union offered its members a chance to sign up for eStatements and at the same time give back to the City of Florence, Keep Florence Beautiful and The Arbor Foundation, by planting trees.


"Health Facilities Federal Credit Union has always been a very dedicated community minded corporate citizen by being first in line to offer its services and employees to assist the City of Florence and all its residents with our attempts to keep our City clean - now that commitment is being reinforced again with its members stepping forward by committing to keeping the City of Florence green! The City of Florence appreciates this outstanding commitment from HFFCU and its members", says Tom Shearin, Special Services Administrator for the City of Florence, SC.

Julian Young, chairman of Keep Florence Beautiful Committee comments, "I continue to be impressed by the outstanding Florence businesses such as Health Facilities Federal Credit Union who give back to their city in so many ways.  The latest gift to the city of 155 trees will ensure that Florence maintains a healthy and beautiful landscape.  As chairman of the Keep Florence Beautiful Committee, I applaud such meaningful efforts that will keep our cityscape beautiful and strong.  Another step in the right direction has been taken by our citizens."

"It is so exciting to see what is important to our staff and to the members of Health Facilities Federal Credit Union.  I thought let's see what happens if we partner with Keep Florence Beautiful (KFB) and 'give away some trees.'  Since I sit on the KFB committee, I thought this would be a perfect test that if HFFCU can take a green concept and bring it to life then that will show other local businesses that they too can give back to their communities.  With the support of Robert Harris, CEO and the staff, we started the campaign.  It worked.  It was so simple, we just asked our members to sign up for a free service the credit union offers-eStatements- and in turn would plant a tree.  I never would have imagined that we would be planting 155 trees in Florence. Arbor Day Foundation's motto is "We inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.'  We hope we have done that."




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